Our History

Since 1962, the building has stood as a Boston dining institution. Originally operated as Henry’s Diner, The Breakfast Club’s owner George Athanasopoulos came across the closed property in 2001, inspired to transform it into a diner with his own signature spin. After a renovation and refurbishment, The Breakfast Club opened for business in April 2002 with a fresh interior, retaining plenty of diner nostalgia while celebrating George’s favorite time period – the 1980’s.

Why the 80's Theme?

Before he owned Allston’s favorite diner, George worked as a mobile DJ for parties and events. He quickly found that his favorite music to spin came from the 1980’s, harkening back to the days of his youth. Thus George’s love affair with The Brat Pack era began. George outfitted the eatery with tributes to the decade, from framed movie posters and vinyl records to merchandise and collectibles from hit television programs and films, including “The Karate Kid”, “St. Elmo’s Fire” and, of course, “The Breakfast Club” (George credits overhearing the movie’s theme at a bar as his inspiration for naming the diner).